Missoula County Inmate Charges/Court Schedule


 Age: 41
 Booking ID: 2016-00000804
 Booked: 8/30/2018 6:16:02 AM

Helpful Information

The charges are listed numerically in the table below. Court dates are listed in the table below the charges but are not directly tied to a particular court date. For more information on what charges will be dealt with in each court and/or court date, please contact the court, directly.

Mugshot (if available)

List of Charges followed by Court Appearances

Charge(s) Crime Type Arresting Agency/Officer Bond/CFS Cash/Surety Posted By
1. MASC Hold Felony MCSO/Cowan, John W  $134,000.00 Cash/Surety
2. Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs/Opiate Felony MPD/Wilkins, Ginny R  $176,000.00 Cash/Surety
3. MASC Hold Misdemeanor MCSO/McDerpinhawk, Rick N  $7,700.00 Cash/Surety
Court Appearance(s)

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